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Sesame Lane Childcare Centre North Lakes – Discovery Drive

Embark on a Journey of Discovery

Dive into the world of Sesame Lane, where our environments are another teacher and playtime is an avenue of discovery. Nestled in the heart of North Lakes, our Discovery Drive location is more than just a care center—it’s a launchpad for young minds.

From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll sense the air of possibility that we cultivate. Our team of educational pioneers doesn’t just supervise; they orchestrate an enriching environment that fuels curiosity and growth.

Each day at Sesame Lane is charted with activities meticulously designed to be as informative as they are fun. We believe in the power of play, watching as it unlocks the innate potential in every child. Through these adventures, we witness the blossoming of skills and the extension of horizons.

But we know that a child’s development isn’t just about what happens within our walls. That’s why we’re more than educators; we’re partners in your child’s early journey, offering a supportive network that extends from the classroom to your living room.

In addition to our expert care, we’re proud to offer two special services. When you need a moment of respite, our cozy on-site coffee shop is a tranquil spot for reflection. For those with a rhythm in their heart, we present a full ballet studio, ready to twirl and leap with delight.

Choosing a childcare center is a significant step for any family. At Sesame Lane day care in North Lakes, we take this journey with you. Trust us to not only watch over your child but to join you in the privilege of watching them grow, learn, and become their vibrant and unique selves.

Join our community where warmth meets education and care is as playful as it is purposeful. Come, tour our enchanting center, and take that essential step in your child’s bright future.

Meet Your Centre Manager


Kate Dowling-Watts

Service Manager / Nominated Supervisor

Kate is an exceptional leader, known for her ability to connect with people and put a smile on everyone’s face. As our Service manager, she not only brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table but also a warmth and caring attitude that sets her apart from others.

Kate’s people skills are unparalleled, and it’s clear that she truly values every team member, child and parent she interacts with. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have Kate leading our service team, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else shining as brightly as she does.

Her infectious positivity and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to Sesame Lane.