At Sesame Lane, our values are the core of our business, our name itself is a fun acronym for our values:

Smiling is contagious

Excellent customer care

Safety is our priority

Attitude is everything

Make someone’s day

Empathy we care enough to show it

Introducing The Wise & Wonderful Owlbert

This wise, inquisitive and fun loving owl is more than just your average bird; he’s a beloved icon who represents each one of our qualified Educators and Teachers, passionate about our childrens sense of belonging, wellbeing and education. Owlbert is known for his vast knowledge and ability to see things from a unique perspective.

Owlbert inspires us to create Happy Healthy Learners by ensuring each child’s day with us is filled with caring, fun, safe and engaging educational experiences. Owlbert’s goal is to ensure that every day is a happy day at Sesame Lane.

Owlbert’s Unique Features

At the heart of our mission is a symbol of love – Owlbert’s face in the shape of a perfect little heart. We are dedicated to care and compassionate about creating a space where growth is nurtured.

Under his signature graduation cap, Owlbert’s wise eyes shine with a true commitment to education. We are educators at core and we take pride in helping our community soar.

Owlbert’s wings are ready to take flight and experience the world with a sense of wonder. We believe that engaging experiences are the key to unlocking unlimited potential.

The waves on Owlbert’s belly remind us of our deep connection to the Moreton Bay Region. We are proud to be local and to serve our community with the warmth of the sun shining from our eyes.

Our History


What began as a simple wish to care for children has flourished into a community force. Picture 400 passionate and caring Educators and Teachers, uniting to offer a sanctuary of care, friendship and learning for Moreton Bay’s next generation. As we eagerly anticipate our 36th milestone in 2024, let’s celebrate not just the years, but the endless ripples of laughter, learning, and love that we’ve co-created with our extended family of staff, parents, and children.

Brand Evolution

Significant Moments

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