Because the School Holidays are meant to be fun.

During school holidays, while our main ingredient is FUN, we intentionally provide play and leisure opportunities that are meaningful to children and support their wellbeing, learning and development. During Vacation Care we are able to extend children’s experiences by utilising our connections with local community providers for excursions, incursions and themed in-service days.

On day trips we venture to local venues, beaches, and some days a little further! We invite visitors and activitsy providers to our service which can include sporting activities, wildlife encounters, science workshops, robotics, manual arts, jumping castles and much more!

We include some themed days that may incorporate key community dates around health and wellbeing, STEM, sports, environment and cultural connections – all facilitated by our Educators.

Our programs are filled with ideas from our children and families. We encourage you to provide activity ideas or the interests of your children to the service, and we will endeavour to incorporate these into the program.

Our Vacation Care programs are offered at at select Sesame Lane Services only so please enquire about availability and places.