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Welcome To

Sesame Lane Childcare Centre North Lakes – Astley Parade

Where Every Child Belongs

Discover Your Child’s Second Home at Sesame Lane Childcare Centre – Astley Parade, North Lakes. Stepping through our front doors is like stepping into a warm embrace.

Step into our vibrant space on Astley Parade, and feel the embrace of a community that has been meticulously built to welcome every child as an individual, where play is not just a pastime but a pathway to boundless learning. At our North Lakes location, we’ve woven a tapestry of warmth and belonging, nurturing environments that flow with laughter and growth.

Here, our seasoned team doesn’t just watch over your child; they create tailored experiences to help them embrace their innate potential, expanding knowledge through play that’s as entertaining as it is educational. Our philosophy isn’t just about building knowledge; it’s about instilling a deep sense of togetherness, shaping tomorrow’s thoughtful and well-balanced citizens.

Families in North Lakes trust us with their treasured little ones, knowing that in our care, each child is not just a part of a group but a cherished member, an integral piece in a nurturing puzzle designed for success.

If you’re ready to give your child a head start in a loving, educational environment, Sesame Lane daycare North Lakes is your first step. Visit us today, and take a tour that speaks more than a thousand words about the love and learning that define us.

Meet Your Centre Manager


Mardi Johnston

Service Manager / Nominated Supervisor

My vision for Astley Parade is to provide children, families and educators a community focused early learning environment that is warm, welcoming and homely, and one that embraces the natural environment. I believe the children should be respected as individuals and human beings in their own right, as functioning members of our society whose rights should be advocated. What I enjoy most about my job is working with families to results in better outcomes for the children.

I have a Diploma in Children’s Services and I have been working in childcare Education for 30 years and have been with Sesame Lane for 16 years. I have gone from an Educator, Lead Educator, Assistant Director and then to Service Manager 6 years ago.

I believe there is nothing more precious in our lives than our children and nothing more rewarding than watching them grow and develop through their Early Years and then prepared to go off to school. A rewarding part of my role is also the relationships that I get to build with the families.