What type of Educator is Sesame Lane looking for?

At Sesame Lane, we look for the best of the best in the sector. We have high standards and reward Educators who strive for the same by reflecting our company values and supporting each child’s agency within their care.


Passionate Educators are the cornerstone of successful early learning environments. Educators who demonstrate their love for what they do make wonderful role models for the little people in their care. Passion breeds innovation and creativity — two qualities that inspire children to love learning and excel.


The best Educators are loving and kind. A genuine love for children and dedication to teaching is what drives them to always provide loving solutions and joyful learning experiences. When children feel secure and appreciated by their Educators, they are more confident to explore and learn.


Young children often experience a lot of big emotions and aren’t always sure what to do with them. An empathetic Educator fosters an environment for these big feelings to be expressed. Children feel valued knowing they are seen and heard. When handled with care and empathy, children can better navigate these big feelings with confidence.

Commitment to Education

An Educator’s commitment to continuing their own education directly benefits a child’s early learning success. A good Educator is knowledgeable in different methods of supporting children’s development and stays updated with sector changes. You’ll know this through their certifications, recognitions, and other accomplishments.


Children learn better and faster if they are free to explore in their environment. Creative Educators use different teaching methods that keep the children constantly curious and explorative. They also encourage participation and independent thinking and celebrate uniqueness.


An organized Educator is in control. Organization provides the structure needed for children to explore the possibilities of their environment through clear expectations and guidelines. Being organized creates a healthy environment where both the Educator and the children know what to expect from themselves and each other.


Children are unpredictable. What makes Educators great is their ability to roll with the punches with ease and grace. Planning for the unexpected and revising when needed allows children to explore the world around them and their emotions without fear of negative feedback.


An extra minute of listening to a child, offering emotional support or allowing more time for an activity goes a long way. Patience encourages children to participate in activities and new roles without the fear of being rushed or scolded for their pace. The qualities of a good Educator begin with patience for little people who are moving according to their comfort.

Cultural Sensitivity

Culturally sensitive early learning services see diversity and differences as celebrations and opportunities for learning and growth. Children are bound to be a refection of what the adults in their life think or do. A good Educator is one who sees children as unique individuals beyond their cultural identity.


At Sesame Lane, we value partnerships with our families and the community, we strive to develop and maintain positive relationships with effective communication. We believe that family and community involvement is essential in our Services, we also believe that families and community have the right to choose the level of involvement that is comfortable and viable for their family.
Collaboration with children means consulting with children in ways that are developmentally appropriate and meaningful to the child. It also requires adults to provide children with opportunities to express their views and be genuinely listened to by caring, responsive adults.

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