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Sesame Lane Montessori Childcare Centre North Lakes – Joyner Circuit

Our joyful double centre offers both traditional early learning and a Montessori Children’s House for North Lakes families.

Step into the vibrant world of Sesame Lane Montessori Childcare Centre, nestled in the heart of North Lakes at Joyner Circuit. A joyful hub, bursting with the laughter of little ones as they embark on their educational voyage. Here, tradition meets Montessori innovation in an atmosphere tailor-made for the curious minds of your beloved children.

Beyond the foyer, our dual-presence centre caters to the specific needs of North Lakes families, blending classic early learning with the rich Montessori approach. Our engaging team, devoted to your child’s personal growth, combines nurturing care with meticulously planned play-based learning that ensures a formidable foundation for social and cognitive excellence—laying the groundwork for future schooling success.

But it’s not only about education; we pride ourselves on providing a family-like environment. Our in-house Children’s Cook crafts delicious, nutritious meals in our spacious kitchen, ensuring little tummies are always content. Like any loving home, we celebrate the uniqueness of each child, tailoring our support and activities to their individual strengths and needs.

Not far from our hearts is health and well-being. Every day at Sesame Lane daycare North Lakes brings fresh, thoughtful meals that tick all the nutritional boxes, leaving you with peace of mind. We offer vast playgrounds to support active little bodies and our Educators focus on supporting children’s self help skills, meeting every milestone as children grow into confident young learners.

You and your child can discover the wonders of our Montessori Children’s House where our pioneering approach comes alive. Step inside our beautifully designed space to witness the buzzing energy of children embracing the independence to choose their own learning journey. Delight in their growth as they master everyday tasks and tinker with specially crafted Montessori materials, opening doors to a world of mathematical and geographical exploration.

We understand the stakes are high when it comes to your child’s care and learning, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Let’s embark on this wholesome educational partnership together. Come, tour our enchanting venues, and see your child’s joy and potential flourish at Sesame Lane.

Meet Your Centre Manager


Tracy Hills

Service Manager

At our Joyner Circuit, North Lakes Childcare we provide high quality care in a safe and secure environment where children are engaged in meaningful experiences supported by my wonderful educators. I pride myself in having a fully inclusive service where support for diversity and inclusion is important and knowing each families individual needs to best support them throughout their journey with our North Lakes childcare team.

I’ve been working in childcare for many years and I pride myself on getting to know the personalities and needs of all the children within my centre. I lead my team by example and have very high standards. Within Sesame Lane I have worked in Management and Leadership roles across various locations and I am honored to Manage a double centre here at Joyner Circuit including our Montessori Wing.

I am a real people person and enjoy having a chat; my door is always open for you. I live in the local area and often see Sesame Lane children and families at the shopping centre and sporting events and love it when children run up for a hug. I have three teenagers at home and my husband and I are avid campers.

Childcare is a passion, I love working with families and watching children develop and reach their milestones. Being part of a young child’s life is very rewarding, as is having a positive impact on a family and their children. The relationships I’ve built with children, families and the team at Sesame Lane make us feel like one big extended family.