1,000 Cranes Project

Sesame Lane Educators, Cooks & Staff have taken on the 1,000 cranes project, as a sign of hope.

The project was started by our Japanese Teacher, Miss Kayo for Educators to learn how to fold origami cranes. Japanese legend has it that anyone who folds 1,000 cranes is granted happiness and good luck.

Miss Kayo, Sesame Lane's Janpanese Teacher

We’ve found some unexpected benefits to this project. Our Educators have reported that taking the time to fold origami in their break time has been a practice in mindfulness and being in the present moment, as they focus on folding. It’s also brought teams together as they fold origami and talk to each other on their break rather than being on devices.

Danielle Poole, Sesame Lane Area Manager

Origami Cranes are now a sign of hope, happiness and wellbeing for us at Sesame Lane.

Some of our Educators can now fold cranes without instructions! Thank you Miss Kayo for introducing this project to us.
Miss Kayo tells us “I was surprised that students in Vietnam learn origami at school. Some of the Educators I’ve spoken to have told me they learned how to fold origami when they were in year 5 in Australia! Through origami, we learn not only origami folding, but we are also building relationships as we teach each other and fold together. This project has increased our respect for each other’s backgrounds and culture”.
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