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Welcome To

Sesame Lane Childcare Centre Clontarf

Where Childcare Isn’t a Service, but a Journey

Nestled in the heart of Clontarf, Sesame Lane Childcare Centre opens its doors to every child and family, marking the beginning of a remarkable educational . Here, we don’t just care for your little ones; we ignite a passion for learning, foster communities, and partner with families to script an individualized chapter in each child’s story.

At Clontarf Childcare Centre, our approach to early childhood education is to provide a program of unique and tailored experiences. We believe in nurturing curiosity and exploration, and our child-led learning environments are imbued with play-based pedagogies that reflect the interests of young minds. With educators who are both mentors and playmates, we cultivate a love for the environment, a respect for diversity, and a thirst for knowledge that is as boundless as the children’s imagination.

Through immersive community partnerships and a curriculum that champions sustainability, we connect the dots, showing children the interplay of their personal development with the wider world. Our centre glows with excitement as families are invited into our community — to contribute, to witness, and to experience the growth of their child first-hand.

Your child’s safety, happiness, and thriving are at the heart of every decision we make. Our qualified staff members undergo continuous training and are certified in first aid and childcare safety standards. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on eco-conscious play areas that inspire care for the environment from the earliest of years.

As you seek the perfect place for your child’s early learning experience, consider joining us for a personalised tour. See first-hand how we organically blend warmth, wisdom, and innovation into the very fabric of every day at Sesame Lane. Let’s shape a splendid future, where every child’s unique potential flourishes —­ where families and educators walk hand in hand on a journey of early education excellence.

Transform your child’s world at Clontarf Early Learning Childcare Centre. Book your tour today and step into a realm where learning is a joyous adventure.


Meet Your Centre Manager


Therese Tompson

Service Manager

About Therese Tompson

Therese won the Moreton Bay Region Employee of The Year Award.

I view children as competent, capable, active and constructive beings that are dependent upon adults or more informed peers for learning, education and care. I believe that young children need time to mature and develop knowledge of themselves in their world prior to the commencement of formal education.

I will encourage and support children’s interests and personal styles of learning, patiently allowing them to develop naturally and biologically.Having been in the childcare industry for 30 years in both NSW and QLD, I take on a mentoring role with respect to children’s growth and development allowing them to naturally unfold. I encourage family involvement in our program and regular information exchange between home and our child care setting.

I also encourage the development of social networks between children and families. I believe in respect of individual differences as they relate to ability, gender, economic status, ethnicity and religion. I have a commitment to the next generation to teach and guide ecological and environmentally sustainable practices.
I hold an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services and have worked in the Early Learning Sector for 40 years. I have been with Sesame Lane for 20 years, so you can be assured of continuity of care for all children under my charge. In my role as Service Manager, I have a responsibility to provide high quality care to children, their families, my fellow Educators, our management team and the community of Clontarf and Redcliffe.

I will uphold Sesame Lane’s principals, values and promise to nurture and encourage Healthy Happy Learners.