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Sesame Lane Childcare Centre North Lakes – Flinders Parade

Where Children are Inspired

Dive into an immersive learning journey at Sesame Lane Childcare Centre North Lakes! Nestled on the vibrant Flinders Parade, our centre isn’t just a place for daycare – it’s a launchpad for children’s wildest educational dreams. Set foot in our warm, inviting Service and feel the energy that ignites a child’s imagination.

Go beyond the usual with a comprehensive tour that lets you peek into our innovative educational world. Witness first-hand how we inspire each precious little soul to find their wings in an environment that’s as nurturing as it is stimulating. We don’t just nurture toddlers; we kindle the spark of curious minds brimming with potential.

Located in the heart of the North Lakes community, we’re more than just a childcare service; we’re a sanctuary for young dreamers, and a support system for growing families. Our educators aren’t just mentors; they’re the cheerleaders and guides children look forward to seeing every day. From our lively play areas to our interactive learning zones, Sesame Lane child care North Lakes is where magic happens! Each space is carefully crafted to offer moments of growth and joy tailored to your child’s unique journey.

We pride ourselves on our local community connections, we thrive on weaving tight-knit connections with fellow neighbors, nearby businesses, and the very pulse of charitable causes. Picture this: as the morning sun peeks over the horizon, announcing a new day, you and your child are greeted not with a run-of-the-mill drop-off, but a sizzling barbecue breakfast, brimming with laughter and the savor of a shared beginning. Or perhaps, it’s a whimsical dress-up day, where the magic of costume and play transforms the daily ritual into an adventure that sparks joy. We transform those moments of routine into genuine opportunities for connection and fun, illustrating the rich, multi-textured fabric of our collective experience.

So if you’re a family in North Lakes seeking a place where your child can flourish, come and speak with our caring team today. We’re more than ready to open your child’s world to the wonders of fun, friendship and education. After all, at Sesame Lane Childcare Centre Flinders Parade, the adventure of a lifetime begins every day.

Meet Your Centre Manager


Karen Naylor

Advanced Diploma in Children's Services

In my extensive 25+ years within the vibrant world of childcare, I’ve honed a passionate approach that champions the unsung heroes of our sector — the educators. I believe that each child’s journey is a canvas, and we, as caregivers, hold the paintbrushes to illustrate a narrative that culminates not just in educational success but in lifelong achievements.

It’s not just about meeting day-to-day developmental milestones; it’s about crafting an environment that instills a sense of cherished identity, future aspirations, and a nurturing sense of community. As I’ve come to appreciate each happy toddler’s first giggles and every young scholar’s triumphs, I underline the profound responsibility we bear in cultivating young minds.

In the essence of our profession, we do not just watch over children; we are architects of dreams, builders of character, and gatekeepers of potential. Every program planned, every activity designed, and every hug exchanged is a conduit for the children to grow and thrive, to ‘be, belong, and become.’ This is not just a duty; it is an immeasurable joy that we carry in our hearts each day.

To all admirable professionals and compassionate parents, I extend my unwavering support. Your love, patience, and dedication lay the foundations for an empowered and compassionate generation who will shape the fabric of our society. Together, we can ensure that every child has the launchpad they deserve, propelling them into a future rich with opportunities and learning.

Let’s continue this incredible journey, hand in hand with every child we cherish and nurture.

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