Q.How do I know what my fees will be after government rebates?
A. You should contact Centrelink and register before submitting your enrolment forms. Centrelink will advise you of your rebate percentage, and your Service Director can let you know what your out of pocket expenses will be each week if you chose to have Centrelink rebates and benefits paid directly to the Service.  Alternatively, you can choose to pay the full Service fee, and have rebates and benefits paid directly to you each quarter.
Q.What happens if my child has an allergy?
A. Please discuss your child’s dietary requirements with your Service Manager and Children's Cook.  All Sesame Lane Services are nut-free, and we also have some egg-free Services.  We endeavour to meet the dietary requirements of each child to ensure their health and wellbeing is maintained at all times.  If your child is allergic to an ingredient on our menu we will provide an alternative.  If we are unable to provide an alternative we kindly ask you to pack a meal for that day.
Q.What if my child requires medication while at day care?
A. You should always discuss your child’s medical conditions and needs with your Service Manager to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your child.  All medication must be clearly labelled by a chemist or pharmacist with your child’s full name, administration instructions and or doses. A medication authorisation form must be completed and given to your Service Director or room Educator.  Never leave medications or creams in your child’s bag.
Q.What if my child won’t eat the meal provided?
A. Sesame Lane families are often surprised when their child enjoys eating a meal at care that they wouldn’t normally eat at home.  The social and communal dining setting often encourages children to try new foods and ingredients.  If children do not eat the served meal we will always offer an alternative to ensure their nutritional requirements are met each day.
Q.What happens when we go on holidays?
A. What happens when we go on holidays?
We are happy to offer six weeks half-fee holidays per child per year, where your permanent bookings are ensured upon you return.  Half-fee holidays must be taken in one week blocks (from Monday to Friday) and a half-fee holiday form must be completed one week prior to your holiday.  All fees must be up to date one week in advance.
Q.What if my scheduled day falls on a public holiday?
A. We continue to charge for public holidays, and days cannot be swapped.
Q.Do I need to pay for a schedule day if my child is sick?
A. Yes, if your child is sick and cannot attend on a permanently booked day, you will be charged for that day. Please phone the Service to let them know your child will not be attending.
Q.Who can pick up my children?
A. Only authorised persons can collect your child, and they must be set up within our sign in Kiosk system.  You can add authorised people to your account in writing.  If an authorised person collects your child who is unknown to our Service Manager or Educators, we will ask for photographic ID.
Q.Are doors kept locked at all times?
A. While we have an open door policy to ensure families are always involved in our Services, our front doors are locked when our front desk is unattended.
Q.What if my child has special needs?
A. What if my child has special needs?
We cater for and support all children and each child will be assessed on an individual basis.  Sesame Lane supports families and children with special needs and disables.
Q.How do I apply for Government rebate?
A. You need to contact the Family Assistance Office on 136 150 or visit their website -  
Department of Human Services
Q.What do I pack
A. What you’ll need to pack depends on the age of your child.  Our Nursery and Toddler rooms provide all nappies and linen.  

Every child needs to bring a hat every single day; a wide brimmed hat is safest in the sun!  Please ensure all of your child’s personal items and clothing is labelled with their name so they can find their way home to you.

0 to 2 years
Minimum 3 changes of clothes - Happy Healthy Learners tend to get messy!
Bottles of pre-measured water and pre-measured formula – enough for the day all clearly labelled with your child’s name (if required).
Bottles of pre-measured expressed milk – enough for the day all clearly labelled with your child’s name (if required).
A dummy if your child has one, in a sealed named container.
A few bibs.

2 to 5 years
Sleeping sheet set for rest time - a light blanket in the cooler months
Minimum 3 changes of clothes - Happy Healthy Learners tend to get messy!
Nappies or pullups - enough for the day depending on how your child is progressing with toilet training (if required).
8 pairs of underpants and extra clothes if your child is actively toilet training.
Q.How can I help my child adjust to child care?
A. The best way to prepare your child for care is to visit as much as possible before you need to leave them for the first time.  Show your child where they will put their belongings and encourage questions. Talk about care at home; most of our families refer to Sesame Lane as going to ‘Kindy’.  Be sure to use your Service Manager's name and the room Educators names at home so your child feels familiar with the people who they can go to at care.

Arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of time so you can help your child settle into an activity before you head off. Our friendly qualified Educators will help your child to settle in and ensure they are feeling happy and confident. Pay attention to your own body language when saying good bye to your child. If you're feeling uncertain about the new arrangement you could be conveying some of your own anxiety to your child.

Lastly, resist the temptation to sneak out the door while your child isn't looking.  It’s always important to say good bye!  Each child is different, and some children will adjust to a new setting quicker than others.  Our Service Directors and Educators are trained professionals who are on hand to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your little one.
Q.What are your opening hours?
A. Our Services are open from 6.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, except on public holidays.
Q.What happens if I collect my child after closing time?
A. If you are going to be late to collect your child phone the Service as early as possible and let them know what time you will arrive.  Unforeseeable circumstances are always taken into account, however a late collection fee of $1 per minute past 6.30pm may be charged.  Two Educators will remain with your child until you arrive to collect them.
Q.Can I swap my days?
A. If available we are always happy to offer additional days to your permanently booked days.  Unfortunately we are unable to swap permanently booked days.
Q.Do you offer casual care?
A. Over the Christmas period we are happy to offer casual care.  During other times, you must book in for at least one permanent day per week.  If available we are always happy to offer additional days to your permanently booked days.
Q.Does my child have to sleep at rest time?
A. Not all children need a sleep each day however we do believe that all children need to rest.  Each of our Services has a daily rest period between 12pm and 2pm when children are encouraged to sleep.  If you do not want your child to sleep or of they no longer require a day sleep we provide quiet, relaxed and restful activities to ensure children rest their little bodies and minds.